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pre-order Discounted lift tickets [Only for our guests]

Please read the following before requesting your discounted lift ticket.

  • Discounted lift tickets must be reserved by 4 days before the day their use.
  • Discounted lift tickets can be purchased in cash at our place. Sorry, no credit cards accepted.
  • You can cancel the order,but you can not change(date change...etc) after 4 days before the day their use.
    If you want to change the arrange content after 4 days before the day their use,you will cancel the order and buy standard lift tickets at the lift ticket sales counter.
  • This service is only for our guest,please reserve our rooms before your requesting of discounted lift tickets.

Lift Ticket Discount for our guests [Cash Only]

If preschoolers are accompanied by an adult, one preschooler is free for each adult. Children are junior high school students and younger, seniors are 60 years and older

   1 day  2 days
*2-day through ticket
3 days
*3-day through ticket
Adult 5,700 yen[6,000 yen]
Save 300 yen
10,000 yen[11,100 yen]
Save 1,100 yen
14,500 yen[16,200 yen]
Save 1,700 yen
Child 3,400 yen[3,600 yen]
Save 200 yen
6,100 yen[6,700 yen]
Save 600 yen
8,900 yen[9,800 yen]
Save 1,100 yen
Senior 4,600 yen[4,800 yen]
Save 200 yen
8,100 yen[8,900 yen]
Save 800 yen
11,700 yen[13,000 yen]
Save 1,300 yen
  4 hours  6 days [possible discontinuous is same season]
Adult 4,900 yen[5,100 yen]
Save 200 yen
27,800 yen[31,500 yen]
Save 3,700 yen
Child 3,000 yen[3,100 yen]
Save 100 yen
17,000 yen[19,100 yen]
Save 2,100 yen
Senior 4,000 yen[4,100 yen]
Save 100 yen
22,400 yen[25,300 yen]
Save 2,900 yen

Order Discounted Lift Tickets [We can accept to order by 4 days before you use.]

*Name [name on reservation for lodging]

*Email address

*Usage start date [month]

*Usage start date [date]

*Types of the ticket

*The number of lift tickets for adult

*The number of lift tickets for child

please click [confirmation] and [送信する].

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7885-3 Toyosato Nozawaonsen Shimotakai-gun Nagano 389-2502 Japan
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